video cewek ml dengan suami orang

video cewek ml dengan suami orang

Hotel Preferences in Recent Leisure Travel Trends

Leisure travelers and vacationers mostly try to minimize the cost of lodging, which is quite understandable especially during a time of economic decline such as we have now. Most people are focused on the sights and the itinerary, rather than the hotels and other types of accommodation where they will rest up for the night in. Let's take a look at some of the trends for hotel preferences when it comes to leisure travelers.

The first main trend is that people seem to be leaning more towards staying in independent hotels compared to the bigger branded hotels that are, conversely, more expensive even if they have more in terms of accommodations and luxury. The main reason for this is perhaps the inherent character and unique flavor afforded by independent carriers, compared to the standard fare of their branded counterparts.

The Ypartnership/Yankelovich 2009 National Travel Monitor found that 20 percent of respondents preferred independent establishments, a figure up from 16 percent in the 2008 survey. Still, the cut is clear-80 percent of respondents still prefer the hotels that are affiliated with larger companies or associated with bigger hotel chains.

Peter C. Yesawich, the chairman and CEO of Ypartnership, attributes this trend to two main factors. "First, a growing number of consumers appear more interested in the novelty and/or special character many independent operators have scripted into their properties," he said. "Second, the quest for better value, now defined in terms of a more attractive price, appears to be motivating many leisure travelers to evaluate independent alternatives."

Indeed, independent hotels offer the kind of "attractive price" that potential guests nowadays are looking for. With the financial crunch, many people and even some of the most hardcore leisure travelers are considering the payoff of paying more when one could get quality accommodations for considerably less.
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